Mirror Mare

bullyI looked out the window to see what the girls in the north pasture were doing. Zil is bored, since I haven’t been riding or otherwise sharing her healing powers lately, but she and the others always know when there is activity in this north part of the house, like when people are going up the stairs. So they stop what they are doing, and look at the window with pricked ears. So this time I was sneakier with my spying, looked out the kitchen window. I chuckled.

“Zil is being a bitch,” I told my daughter. “She just bit Sunflower and is bullying her around. For no reason!”

Sunflower is my daughter’s chestnut half-Arab.

“I just had a mean thought,” my daughter said. “But I’m not going to say it.”

Whenever someone says that, they know that they are going to say it. Because

“Okay, now I’m curious. Just say it. I won’t get mad.”

“She had a good teacher.”

Ahem. “I assume you’re talking about her figurative mom, not her literal one?”


I chuckled some more. I don’t doubt it.

Tempo is no bitch, after all. A sweeter equine never walked the earth.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how our animals seem to be reflections of ourselves? My daughter says Sunflower is like her because she is lazy and loves food. I had no comment on that one except that “all domestic horses are lazy and love food.”

Just like teenagers.

I know that a bipolar mother is not an easy creature to have raising you…

…so I don’t get mad when my kids talk like this to me. In fact, I encourage it. They are always respectful about it, and I always hope that I am inviting enough for them to feel comfortable expressing their feelings and thoughts about me and my unpredictable moods and behavior. I feel that humor is a great way to do it. It serves as a tension-reliever. My family can make jokes at my expense, and I think that makes us all feel more secure.

There are other formats, too, like family meetings, where it is safe for the kids to air their feelings and concerns. With mental illness in the family, communication is essential. I hope to touch on this some more soon in the other blog, “Siege of the Spirit.” (I say hope, rather than plan, because between the bipolar and the migraines I know the uncertainty of trying to “plan” anything).

So, in conclusion, here is another delightful picture of Zil being ugly.


Going for the “Least Photogenic Horse” award, I imagine. Maybe Brandy insulted her. Maybe her sense of humor sucked. She looks like she’s trying to keep her temper though, or just half asleep. That was sometime in 2010.

Okay so here is a cuter one, this past fall, in the arena after a ride:

My leg itches

“My leg itches.”

If you are reading this, I hope your team wins the Superbowl!  🙂


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